Planning a Project on Your Property?

Contact Otonabee Conservation for helpful advice, financial assistance (where available) and guidance on permit requirements if you are planning to undertake a stewardship project on your property.

Inquiries welcome.
Please contact Meredith Carter, Manager, Watershed Management Program at 705-745-5791, ext.223


Be a Watershed Steward

By working together, we can make a difference. Imagine the impact if the 107,000+ watershed residents made wise environmental choices! Improving the health of the watershed requires us to make choices that balance environmental concerns with everyday life. Here are some examples of stewardship activities you can undertake to enhance your property and protect human and environmental health.

At Home…
• Regularly inspect and maintain your septic system.
• Use phosphate-free products (ie. detergents, fertilizers).
• Conserve water by installing low flow taps, showerheads and toilets.
• Create a natural vegetated buffer along shorelines to filter runoff and provide habitat.

At Work…
• Use paper with recycled content or that is produced using sustainable forest management practices.
• Encourage recycling and composting at your workplace.
• Use environmentally friendly products such as sand to prevent slipping on icy surfaces.

At Play…
• Participate in a local tree planting, shoreline naturalization or community clean-up event.
• Get outside and visit a Conservation Area, public park or your favourite hiking trail.
• Take only pictures and leave only footprints.

On the Water…
• Wash your boat before moving to another lake and don’t release live bait.
• Avoid fuel spillage and obey speed limits in low wake and erosion sensitive areas.

On the Land…
• Plant native trees, shrubs and wildflowers to enhance wildlife habitat and species diversity.
• Prevent the contamination of groundwater by decommissioning unused wells
• On the farm, follow best management practices and restrict livestock access to watercourses.