Technical Report 2013

 2013 Otonabee Region Watershed Report Card ~ Technical Report

Watershed Report Cards are an important tool used by Conservation Authorities (CAs) to communicate the state of local watershed conditions and disseminate the environmental monitoring data collected and analyzed by the organization.

Watershed Report Cards transfer technical information about local watershed conditions to a wide audience including local residents, agencies, and municipal partners. In addition to providing local stakeholders with information about watershed conditions, the watershed report card also serves as a management and evaluation tool for Otonabee Conservation and other resource management agencies. This resource will enable more informed decision-making to effectively maintain and enhance the health of watersheds in the face of challenges such as climate change, urbanization and pollution.

Conservation Ontario, the umbrella agency for Ontario’s 36 Conservation Authorities, developed a set of guidelines in 2011* to standardize the evaluation of data used for watershed report cards and achieve consistency in this form of reporting across the province. This standardization is particularly beneficial for municipalities that span more than one watershed boundary, and to individuals or groups wishing to compare results between different CA jurisdictions.

Reporting on the environment is an iterative process. The 2013 Otonabee Region Watershed Report Card is the first of the ‘new generation’ of report cards based on the 2011 guidelines.

The 2013 Otonabee Region Watershed Report Card provides a snapshot of conditions in the Otonabee Region Watershed based on available data for the five year period from 2007 through 2011. The Watershed Report Card is meant to be reviewed and updated every five years to ensure it aligns with current best management practices and scientific standards, and to ensure that the information it communicates remains up to date.

You may download the Otonabee Region Watershed Report Card Technical Report ; given the size of the report it will take a few seconds to download – thanks for your patience.

 *Conservation Ontario. 2011 Guide to Developing Conservation Authority Watershed Report Cards.