Otonabee Region Watershed Report Card 2013

Conservation Authorities (CAs) are based on watershed boundaries and, for the first time ever, CAs are reporting on local watershed conditions using a standardized set of indicators and grades which evaluate surface water quality, forest cover, groundwater quality and wetlands.

Conservation Ontario, the umbrella agency for Ontario’s 36 Conservation Authorities, developed the 2011 Guide to Developing Conservation Authority Watershed Report Cards, a set of watershed reporting guidelines that standardize the evaluation and grading of data.  These guidelines ensure consistent reporting in the form of Watershed Report Cards (WRCs) across the province which is beneficial for municipalities that span more than one watershed boundary for comparing results between different watersheds.

Watershed Report Cards communicate technical, environmental monitoring information related to the state of Ontario’s watersheds in a user-friendly format. The two main purposes of the Watershed Report Cards are:

  • To communicate the state of the watershed  using a standard set of environmental indicators; and,
  • To enable CAs and other partners to better target programs and measure environmental change.

This information is intended to increase public awareness of watershed health and ensure informed decisions can be made to ensure the sustainability of our water and land resources.  Ontario’s water and land resources and natural systems provide important ecological, economic and societal benefits and should be protected.

The launch of Conservation Authority Watershed Report Cards coincides with the celebration of Canada Water Week – March 18 to 22, 2013.
In the Otonabee Region Watershed Report Card 2013, watershed conditions were assessed using data from 2007 to 2011 for the following:
Surface Water Quality
Forest Conditions

Watershed Report Cards are designed to be published every five years and also include information about CA programs and activities and practical ways that watershed residents can play a role in protecting these valuable resources.

Here is a downloadable copy of the Otonabee Region Watershed Report Card 2013
(Given the size of this file, it may take a few seconds to download ~ thanks for your patience.)

To view the Watershed Report Card in your web browser click on the image of the report card.


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