Level 2 Low Water Condition Lifted

The Otonabee Region Water Response Team has lifted the Level 2 Low Water Condition which was triggered by extreme dry conditions throughout most of 2016. Recent rainfall and improved stream flows mean the Otonabee Region watershed is no longer in a Low Water Condition.

“The mild winter weather has allowed for the infiltration of rain and melted snow into the ground, and the annual spring runoff is helping to restore groundwater resources as well,” explains Dan Marinigh, Chief Administrative Officer of Otonabee Conservation.

The Otonabee Region watershed had been in low water conditions since mid-June 2016. A Level 1 Low Water Condition was declared on June 17th due to lack of rainfall and low flows in local creeks and streams. The condition was upgraded to Level 2 on July 12th and remained in effect until now.

“Water is a shared resource,” emphasizes Marinigh. “Continued wise use of water is encouraged as part of a daily routine. Water conservation measures, however small, around the home and business can make a significant difference in the availability of water for all users.”

The Otonabee Region Water Response Team reminds members of the watershed community that water conservation information is available on member agency websites. Be sure to check your local municipality’s website for water conservation information as well.

Otonabee Conservation

Water Conservation Fact Sheet

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs        

Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change

Peterborough Public Health
Peterborough Public Health and select My Home & Environment, My Home – Water

The Ontario Low Water Response Program was developed by the Province to help coordinate and support local response in the event of a prolonged period of low stream flows or precipitation. There are three levels of Low Water Conditions with Level 1 being the least severe and Level 3 being the most severe.