Drinking Water Source Protection

Source water is the water from rivers and underground aquifers that all Ontarions rely on for drinking water.  The goal of source water protection is to protect the quality and quantity of these drinking water sources, now and into the future.  In response to recommendations from the Walkerton Inquiry, the Clean Water Act was developed and plans to protect source water are now in place across the province.

Locally, the Trent Source Protection Plan came into effect January 1, 2015, and contains policies to protect the sources of water for 12 municipal drinking water systems in the Otonabee-Peterborough Source Protection Area which supply drinking water to more than 129,000 people, or 67% of the population.   This Area covers approximately 3,365 km2 and includes portions of 12 municipalities.

The Otonabee-Peterborough Source Protection Area is one of five Areas within the Trent Conservation Coalition Source Protection Region.

The Trent Source Protection Plan was developed under the Clean Water Act and approved by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change  is available at

To learn more about Source Water Protection in our local area, please contact:
Terri Cox
Risk Management Official / Risk Management Inspector
Otonabee Region Conservation Authority
Tel: 705-745-5791, ext. 219

Meredith Carter
Manager, Watershed Management Program
Otonabee Region Conservation Authority
Tel: 705-745-5791, ext. 223