Hague Boulevard, Lakefield

Hague Blvd. is a residential street located in Lakefield, directly across the Otonabee River from the drinking water intake for the village.  The Lakefield Trail is located between Hague Blvd and the river, providing recreational opportunities for residents and visitors.  Several areas that would benefit from shoreline naturalization were identified, and a plan was developed to  enhance the existing vegetated buffer from the beach to D’eyncourt Street. Funding  was secured through the Ontario Drinking Water Stewardship Program and the Township of Selwyn.

Otonabee Conservation, in partnership with the Lakefield Trail Stewards, Canada World Youth and community volunteers completed the enhancement of the riparian buffer by planting approx. 300 trees and shrubs along the shoreline.  The plant materials used were all native species, and intended to provide habitat for wildlife and stabilize the shoreline to prevent further erosion.