Be a Water Steward

Be a Water Steward

Watershed Stewardship

Watershed Stewardship is the responsible care of our natural resources and wildlife on a watershed basis.  This is essential to balancing human and economic needs with the needs of our natural environment.  We all need a healthy environment in order to ensure that we have plenty of clean water and a healthy ecosystem.  As stewards of our environment, we need to continue to develop approaches to plan, promote and implement practices that protect and restore our natural resources.  Conservation Authorities have a long history of working with landowners to plan and deliver watershed stewardship initiatives and these activities include:

  • Develop technical tools to monitor and assess the state of our watersheds;
  • Provide advice and technical assistance;
  • Promote community involvement;
  • Build partnerships with all levels of government, environmental groups, business; residents and landowners; and
  • Create educational resources and opportunities.

Otonabee Conservation has an active Watershed Stewardship Program with a focus on the following activities that enhance or restore habitat and natural heritage features;

  • Tree planting;
  • Shoreline restoration and naturalization;
  • Habitat creation and enhancement;
  • Shoreline stabilization; and
  • Bioengineering.

Watershed Stewardship projects are  undertaken in partnership with many organizations, all levels of government and volunteers, and provide an important educational opportunity in the community to learn about the natural environment and species that inhabit the Otonabee Region watershed.

If you are planning to undertake a stewardship project, or need technical advice, please contact Otonabee Conservation as technical assistance and funding may be available.