Planning and Development Services Fee Policy and Schedule

In January 1996, a provincial Omnibus Bill was passed which, by amending the Conservation Authorities Act, empowered conservation authorities (CAs) to collect fees for services approved by the Minister of Natural Resources. Section 21(m.1) of the Conservation Authorities Act allows for the collection of fees for services such as plan review, permitting, public and legal inquires, conservation land management and community relations. The document entitled ‘Policies and Procedures for the Charging of Conservation Authority Fees (June 1997, updated March 1999),’ included the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) Procedural Manual sets guidelines for fee collection. The document states that CA fee structures should be designed to recover, but not exceed, the costs associated with administering and delivering the services on a program basis. The manual also states that the setting of fees should be dependent on the complexity of applications and the level of effort required to process the application.

This Policy to charge fees primarily applies to the plan review and permitting functions provided by ORCA including the technical services required to support those functions.

ORCA’s Planning and Development Services Fee Policy and Schedule is based upon the following three principles:

  • User-pay
  • Adequate consultation and notification
  • Right to appeal

The complete document is available here: Planning and Development Services Fee Policy and Schedule (April 2016) or you may wish to review the 2014-15 Fee Schedule – O.Reg 167-06  or 2014-15 Fee Schedule – Plan Review according to your project.

We have provided answers to questions often asked about planning and development fees in this handy Frequently Asked Questions document.