Otonabee Conservation’s New Logo

Otonabee Conservation revealed its new logo to an audience of 60+ guests and community leaders at its 58th Annual General Meeting held last evening in Ennismore.

“Our new logo aligns with our new Strategic Plan 2017-2020, ” explained Dan Marinigh, Chief Administrative Officer. “We have a robust conservation program and a fresh visual image that re-affirm our conservation mandate and priorities which we deliver across a vibrant and diverse watershed region.

The legacy of Otonabee Conservation’s mandate is reflected in the new design:

Three colours symbolize the three main watersheds of the Otonabee, Indian and Ouse Rivers within the region,

Colours represent the water, wetlands, and forests and other natural resources of the Otonabee Region watershed, and

Shape of the symbol and the stylized name emphasize Conservation.


“A healthy natural environment where communities thrive” is the vision of Otonabee Conservation”, says Marinigh. “The design of the new logo complements the direction that Otonabee Conservation has defined [in its strategic plan] moving forward.”


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