The Breathing Tree Program

Spring 2011: Grade 5 students from St. Paul’s Elementary School in Norwood headed into the white pine plantation at the Norwood Conservation Area this spring for their annual Breathing Tree excursion.

The Norwood Breathing Tree program was introduced to the school by Foundation Director, Ron Scott. For the past couple of years, the students have been tending 50 trees per year, learning the importance of forest management and the benefits of healthy forests to the environment. And, teacher Michelle Keating agrees that the outdoor education program

complements the curriculum. The students trim, mark and record observations of trees of their choosing as their own “Breathing” tree.

The plantation site was originally prepared for the Breathing Tree program by the Norwood District High School High Skills Forestry class.

The Otonabee Region Conservation Foundation appreciates the ongoing financial support of donors and recognizes the Municipality of Asphodel-Norwood, McCoy Bus Lines, 1st Impressions Carved Signs and Otonabee Conservation staff for their involvement.