The Hope Mill

Hope Mill

The Hope Mill

After 130 years of continuous family ownership, the Hope Mill was sold by John Miller Hope (Squire Lang’s great grandson) to the Otonabee Region Conservation Authority (ORCA) in 1966.  Otonabee Conservation completed extensive repairs to the property and operated it as a heritage demonstration site until 1993 when funding cuts forced its closure.  Beginning in 2001, the Friends of Hope Mill, in cooperation with Otonabee Conservation and the Otonabee Region Conservation Foundation, have restored the turbines, saw-house and wood-finishing machinery and demonstrate the cutting and finishing of lumber as it was done in pioneer times.

For further information on:

  •  the history of Hope Mill,
  •  the restoration process,
  •  special events,
  •  lumber sales and custom sawing,
  •  one of a kind crafts, as well as
  •  volunteer opportunities,

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