Greetings Conservation Supporters

Richard leading a guided hike

Richard leading a guided hike

Having witnessed expressions of sheer excitement as children plant trees for the very first time or discover earthworms while planting a pollinator garden is why I became involved and financially support the Otonabee Conservation Foundation. The Foundation, working in partnership with Otonabee Conservation, provides opportunities to engage children in environmental education and stewardship programs, immersing them in the natural environment of our watershed community.

Environmental education programs like Be a Watershed Steward, Yellow Fish Road and pollinator habitat installations provide youth with opportunities to interact with the natural environment, learn new skills and develop an understanding of the connection between environmental health and their own health and happiness. These programs are delivered by committed, knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff of Otonabee Conservation. I hope that you enjoy reading more about these programs in the enclosed 2016 Conservation Supporters newsletter.

I invite you to join us as we work together, strengthening our efforts to dissolve the disconnect between our “modern” society and the natural environment. I am proud of my association with the Otonabee Conservation Foundation as a Conservation Supporter. The Otonabee Conservation Foundation, a registered charitable organization, is devoted to improving the environmental health of the Otonabee Region watershed. The Foundation raises funds to support priority restoration, stewardship, protection and watershed education programs of Otonabee Conservation.

Your gift will enable the Foundation  to continue to support important environmental education and stewardship programs.  We have made it convenient for you to make a charitable donation in this giving year.

  1. Select the “Donate Now” that appears on our front page, and choose “Conservation Education” or
  2. Mail your donation along with the 2016 Conservation Supporters Donation Form, or drop it off at the Otonabee Conservation Centre (250 Milroy Dr., Peterborough)

On behalf of the Foundation volunteer Board of Directors, thank you!    Richard