About the Otonabee Region Conservation Foundation

The Otonabee Region Conservation Foundation (ORCF) was established in 1968 as a registered, charitable public foundation, providing local citizens the opportunity to actively support the activities of their local Conservation Authority. The ORCF is able to receive and maintain funds for educational, conservation and heritage purposes related directly or indirectly to the conservation, restoration, management and development of natural and heritage resources within the Otonabee Region watershed.

Mission Statement

The Otonabee Region Conservation Foundation is committed to protecting the Otonabee Region’s natural and cultural heritage, through raising funds for conservation projects in the Otonabee, Indian and Ouse River watersheds, educating the public about conservation and engaging community participation.

Our Strengths


For more than 40 years, the ORCF has played a significant role in the acquisition and protection of conservation lands that reflect the unique characteristics of the landscape. The Warsaw Caves Conservation Area and Campground, Selwyn Beach Conservation Area, Brookwood Wildlife Area and the Cavan Swamp are familiar to many. Conservation education programs for youth continue to be of paramount importance to the ORCF. Stewardship of our land and water resources, through tree planting and stream naturalizations, contribute to the biodiversity of our region.

Strong Partnerships

The Foundation has a history of building partnerships to further its mission. Partnering with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Scouts Canada, the Otonabee Region Conservation Authority, and Ontario Heritage Trust has helped make four decades of success possible.

Unique Mandate

The ORCF is the only Foundation supporting conservation efforts in the Otonabee Region watershed.