Flood Warning Update for May 18, 2017

Otonabee Conservation advises that the Flood Warning remains in effect for the Kawartha Lakes, Otonabee River, Rice Lake and the Trent River to Hastings.

The information provided in this Flood Warning Update is based on observations of Otonabee Conservation combined with input from our partners, including Environment and Climate Change Canada, Water Survey of Canada, Parks Canada – Ontario Waterways Unit, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, and municipal Community Emergency Management Co-ordinators.



Water levels on all of the Kawartha Lakes in the Otonabee Region watershed continue to decline. That is, in the past week, Buckhorn, Chemong, Pigeon, Lower Buckhorn, Lovesick, Stony, Clear and Katchewanooka Lakes have dropped 20 to 25 centimeters below their peak water levels. The Otonabee River has dropped closer to 40 centimeters. Rice Lake and the Trent River (to Hastings) have dropped about 10 centimeters.  

With inflows to the Kawartha Lakes now well below outflows, the total amount of rain forecast to fall in the next 5 days is insufficient to cause a return to rising water levels on area Kawartha Lakes, the Otonabee River, Rice Lake or the Trent River, and therefore, water levels / flows will continue to drop throughout the holiday long-weekend. That said, it is anticipated that it will take another week before high water levels / flows, caused by extreme amounts of precipitation, will recede below flood thresholds.


High water levels and flows on the Trent-Severn Waterway continue to result in unsafe conditions. Therefore, Otonabee  Conservation strongly urges area residents and visitors not to engage in water-based activities / recreation on the Kawartha Lakes, Otonabee River, Rice Lake and Trent River during this holiday, long-weekend.

In addition, erosion has led to undercut banks in places along the shoreline, and therefore, everyone is also advised to Stay Away From the Edge of waterbodies / watercourses.  Furthermore, dams, culverts and other water control / water conveyance structures are to be avoided at all times.

To report a flood in your area, call the  Flood Watch Hotline – 705-745-5791, ext. 228, or e-mail: orcafloodduty@otonabee.com.

If you experience a flood emergency, call 911 immediately.

This FLOOD WARNING will next be up-dated no later than TUESDAY, MAY 23rd, 2017.


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