Peterborough Children’s Water Festival

Otonabee Conservation is proud to be a member agency of the Peterborough Children’s Water Festival. The annual Festival is an interactive event held at the Riverview Park and Zoo. It teaches students in grades 2 to 5 the importance of our most valuable resource – water.

The Peterborough Steering Committee adopted the “Children’s Water Festival” model of fostering awareness of our youth. It educates others about the importance of water and the need to ensure high quality water resources for future generations and the health of our environment.

Peterborough Children's Water FestivalThe Festival brings together the expertise of educators, water quality and quantity specialists, community volunteers, conservation groups, industry and government. Together, they provide local students with the opportunity to discover the importance and diversity of water.

The Festival consists of 35 interactive activity centres designed to be hands-on, stimulating and fun. These activity centres encourage further understanding of water concepts taught through the Ontario Curriculum. Students will explore the concepts of:

  • Water Conservation – The responsible use of water in our daily lives.
  • Water Attitudes – The historical and present day uses of water and attitudes toward water.
  • Water Technology – How water is treated, stored and distributed throughout the community.
  • Water Protection – The interdependence of water, soil, plants, animals and people, as well as positive steps to keep water clean.
  • Water Science – Focuses on the water cycle, surface and groundwater flow, and aquatic environments.

For more information or to book your school visit, please contact the Peterborough Children’s Water Festival