Be a Water Steward

The Be a Water Steward program was successfully delivered in partnership with the Camp Kawartha Environment Centre in 2013. The program has two components:

1) Full-day session at the Camp Kawartha Environment Centre where students learn about water quality, habitat, watersheds and ecosystems; and,

2) Half-day outdoor session with Otonabee Conservation staff during which students take part in an active stewardship program that includes species identification, tree planting to enhance local wildlife habitat and biodiversity and a discussion about the impacts of land based activities on water quality.

The 2013 program was a great success and resulted in the participation of nearly 1,000 students in the half-day outdoor session with Otonabee Conservation staff. Students planted a variety of native plants in nine different locations ~ a total of 149 trees, 808 shrubs, and 270 herbs and wildflowers. The result was the enhancement of 10,368 square meters of habitat and shoreline!

For further information about the Be A Water Steward program, please refer to the program brochure